Welcome to Sizeeleven.com - my name is Erik Börjesson, and these are my sneakers. Before anything else I would like to say that neither me or this site has anything to do with any registered company such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok etc. I am the co-owner of sneakersnstuff.com, but I have only on rare occasions been given anything by the companies that sneakersnstuff works with.

In 1999 I started sneakersnstuff together with Peter Jansson. My obsession with sneakers however, started way before that. I once, around 1993, did the mistake of throwing some sneakers away and I regret this to this day. Since then I have saved all my sneakers. When I passed 600 pairs I figured it might be time to sort them all on a website, and at the same time perhaps get rid of a few pairs to those who share my obsession and size.

So, you better believe that all of these are the real deal. Over the years I have bought 2 pairs of fakes (damn you Ebay) and I know that is no fun. The price is set after my heart more than after the market. Some shoes mean a lot to me, and I rather not sell them at all, so those will be more expensive. If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up at erik@sizeeleven.com. Please note that I will only respond to serious questions.

Shipping is expensive – there is no way around it. I will not make any money on shipping, but I have to charge you what UPS is charging me. The shipping rate depends on where you live and how many pairs you would like to be shipped. I will use UPS to ship them out, and I will email you the tracking id as soon as I have shipped them out.

Within Sweden
Shipping starts at $10 and will add $5 for every extra pair.

Within EU
Shipping starts at $15 and will add $5 for every extra pair.

Rest of the world
Shipping starts at $35 and will add $5 for every extra pair.

If you would like to buy more then 4 pair - please contact me before you order.
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