Are these for real?
For sure, I have been collecting sneakers since 1987 and would never deal with fakes.

Can you get these in other sizes?
No, this is my personal collection and I only wear this size.

Will you add more shoes?
Yes, updating the website is done on my spare time though, so bare with me.

Is affiliated with any sneaker company?
No, this is just me getting rid of a few pairs of my own sneakers.

Is there any VAT added to the prices?
No, this is not a business – just me.

Where are you shipping from? Can I come and pick them up instead?
Åsögatan 124, 116 24 Stockholm, Sweden – and sure, just email me after your order and I'll refund your shipping expenses.

Can I call you?
You could try to reach me at work +4687430322, but it is better to send me an email at

How many pairs can I buy?
There is no limit to how many you can buy - but if you would like to buy more then 4 pairs at the time, please contact me before you place your order.
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